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Root Canal Treatment

It Can Save Your Tooth

If you experience tooth decay that is too severe to be solved with a dental filling, root canal treatment is likely your best option to save the tooth. We recommend it in cases where the decay and infection exists deep within the tooth. We know it seems like a daunting procedure, but you can be confident knowing that we always put your comfort first.

When You Need Root Canal Treatment

You will need this treatment when the decay in your tooth is deep enough that it affects the pulp. This is the part of the tooth where nerves, blood vessels, and other soft tissues reside. When you come in for this treatment, we carefully remove the infection from the pulp, which is connected to the root canal, hence the name of the procedure. As noted, we only recommend conducting this treatment when the decay is too deep for a filling to be effective. While this is a more invasive procedure, we offer different types of sedation to help minimize discomfort and keep you feeling as relaxed as possible.

If you do suffer from a deep infection, it is important to act quickly so we don’t end up having to extract the tooth rather than save it.

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