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Dental Implants

Same Day

We know having to plan around a major dental procedure is stressful and time consuming, which is why we are proud to offer same-day implants. Instead of having to keep coming back multiple times throughout the process, we can extract your tooth and then have an implant placed in just a single visit. This means you won’t have to wait several months or weeks with your tooth missing. This also means that you will have just one healing period, rather than going through multiple recovery stretches.

Implant Placement

An implant placement is when we affix the implant into your jawbone. This is a titanium post that a prosthetic like a crown or dentures can be attached. Placement is the first step of receiving an implant, and once we have placed it in your mouth, it will fuse to your jawbone, becoming a permanent fixture in your mouth. This is beneficial because when you lose a tooth, your jaw isn’t receiving the stimulation it needs to remain strong and dense. The implant works like a tooth root and helps ensure your jaw stays in great shape.

Implant Restoration

After your implant is placed, restoration is when we affix the prosthetic to the post. Typically, this occurs a couple weeks after the initial placement to allow sufficient healing, but with same-day implants we can get it all done at once, which saves you time and means you just have to heal once.

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