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Extractions Can Be Necessary

We understand that you would like to keep all of your teeth, but sometimes an extraction is medically necessary. Whether your child has wisdom teeth coming in at an angle or you have suffered damage that renders a tooth unsavable, an extraction can help maintain the overall health of a smile.

When You Need One

There are numerous situations that could necessitate extraction. Severe gum disease can loosen a tooth enough where removal is the most viable option. Similarly, individuals with compromised immune systems can benefit from the procedure as well. When teeth become infected, it can spread elsewhere in the body — outside the oral cavity. In other instances, extraction is the right move when restorative or cosmetic procedures cannot save or mask a very decayed tooth. Overall, extraction is recommended when we cannot save the tooth. Luckily, despite how daunting having a tooth removed may seem, it is a very common procedure. Additionally, once we extract a tooth, we can provide dental implants, dentures, or a bridge to fill the gap.

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Insurance and Payment

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