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Dental Bridges & Dentures

Two Helpful Tools

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts to maintain your oral health, you can lose one or multiple teeth. This not only hinders your chewing, eating, and biting, but it can also hurt your self-image. Moreover, missing a tooth can cause you to miss out on helpful nutrients that support your jaw’s health and that of your entire body. Whether you are missing a tooth from a needed extraction or for other reasons, a dental bridge or dentures can help.

Dental Bridge

A dental bridge is a permanent prosthetic appliance that is typically crafted from ceramic or porcelain. It fits between the teeth adjacent to your missing one and is supported by existing teeth that are outfitted with dental crowns. The bridge is color-matched to your natural teeth, so it blends in seamlessly. There are different types of bridges that suit different needs, so we will choose the kind that best fits your specific situation. Overall, a dental bridge is typically used when you are either missing a single tooth or a few teeth directly next to one another.


As opposed to a bridge, dentures — partial, complete, or implant-retained — can fit around teeth that still exist, even if they are not adjacent. Additionally, dentures can replace a full row of missing teeth. They are color-matched to your teeth and gums, so they blend in naturally. An important difference between dentures and dental bridges is that dentures can usually be removed. We can provide implant-retained ones, as well, and we can discuss this option with you when you visit us.

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