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Sleep Apnea Treatment

When Excessive Snoring Becomes A Problem

While pretty much everyone snores on occasion, doing so constantly — and loudly — can indicate other health issues. Sleep Apnea is a notable cause of loud, persistent snoring and it can have health impacts beyond disturbing those who share your room.

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a blockage that occurs in your airways, stemming from too much relaxation of the muscles in the back of your throat. This causes excessive vibration (snoring) and the airway collapses. When you momentarily stop breathing, your brain prompts you to snap to awake and gasp for breath. This interrupts your sleep, but you probably won’t be aware you are waking up because it happens very quickly. This cycle of falling asleep and waking up frequently occurs hundreds of times throughout the night, which understandably wreaks havoc on your sleep schedule. In addition to loud snoring, signs you are suffering from sleep apnea include excessive tiredness despite seemingly adequate sleep, lack of focus, increased emotionality, and other health issues tied to insufficient sleep.

Treating Sleep Apnea

If you think you might suffer from this condition please bring it up to us during your next cleaning and checkup. If we determine that you do in fact have it, we can provide helpful solutions. A simple solution is a custom-made night guard, similar to what we provide for Bruxism and TMJ treatment. We craft it to the precise specification of your mouth, so it is comfortable to wear. While you are sleeping, the mouthguard keeps your lower jaw forward, which helps ensure your airway stays open. CPAP machines are another option that can help with treating sleep apnea. The machine sends a constant stream of air into your airways via a small mask, which prevents your throat muscles from collapsing.

Learn More About Sleep Apnea Treatment

We understand that not getting sufficient sleep can wreak havoc on your life, so we are proud to provide treatment for sleep apnea. You can schedule an appointment today by calling Alba Dental Care in El Paso, TX, at (915) 286-ALBA (2522). We also serve the Horizon community.

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